ecologics – step action pump

ecologics' high capacity step action water pump sets new boundaries in performance, versatility and reliability for a portable manually-powered water pump.

ecologics step action pump


  • small scale irrigation
  • disaster relief
  • de-watering
  • filling holding tanks
  • fire control
  • general water movement
  • powering appliances
  • start a siphon

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pump type:
twin diaphragm, self priming
11 kg (optional carry straps)
60 cm x 35 cm x 27 cm
hose fittings:
accepts both 38 mm (1.5 inch) and 40 mm internal diameter non-callapsible hose
max. lift:
20 metres (suction lift 8 m + pressure lift 12 m)
max. flow:
180 litres/min. at 6 metre lift (results will vary dependant upon location and environmental factors)
lateral delivery:
up to 1100 metres over level ground (results will vary dependant upon location and environmental factors)
max. pressure:
2 bar (30 psi) capable of driving a variety of irrigation and filtration appliances
water quality:
tolerant of silt particles
zinc coated pressed steel, quality self lubricating nylon bearings, fabric reinforced twin rubber diaphragms.

Units have been mechanically tested in excess of 9.0 million cycles and diaphragm life in excess of 5.0 million cycles ( one cycle equals 1 litre approx.).

Mechanical amplification ensures ease of operation even by those with low body mass. In the lower two thirds of the pump's lift range ecologics regards delivery of between 5,000 and 6,000 litres per hour as sustainable for one operator.

click to enlarge pump head vs flow graph

ecologics compiled performance data under onsite conditions pumping at a sustainable rate, through a 100 m length of 38 mm ID polythene hose pipe click to view pump chart.

Both lift and lateral deliveries may be extended indefinitely by linking water pumps in series.

ecologics high capacity step action water pumps are designed for fresh water use although stainless steel units may be manufactured to order for both salt and potable water applications.

ecologics is confident that there is currently no portable manually powered water pump available which approaches the performance and delivery capabilities of the ecologics high capacity step action water pump.

packing list

  • water pump
  • handle
  • 4 x hose clamps
  • hose clamp spanner
  • suction filter with check valve
  • water nozzle
  • instruction sheet

See the downloads page to download movies and brochures.

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